Reiki Special Offer! Now through May 31st!

Heal and Thrive with Reiki v4Hi Everyone!

Check out this cool graphic I made for my current “Heal and Thrive with Reiki” promotion! Not too shabby! 🙂

Just a quick reminder there are just a few days left in the month to take advantage of my Reiki Graduation Package that comes with a very special gift! I’m really excited for you – this is such an AWESOME package! I’m so glad I thought of it! 😉 Of course the idea came to me the other day while I was in the shower….some of the best ideas hit me while I’m in the shower! If I’m ever in a funk,  or my mind is overwhelmed, I go take a shower or a bath and it usually helps me find clarity 🙂

 A few last FYI’s for the package – Remember, no limits on the number of packages you buy, and the sessions don’t expire.  For those of you receiving in person sessions I will give you your gift during your first session. For those of you receiving distance healing, I will ship it to you before your first session. I think that covers it for now!

Here is the form for you to sign up with:)

With Love,


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