I have a variety of programs and services to support YOU in healing your body, mind and spirit. For some, starting their journey with a focus on the PHYSICAL or nutritional healing comes first. For others, it is the SPIRITUAL and EMOTIONAL. Wherever you are on your journey, just remember you are EXACTLY where you are meant to be! Challenges are but a way to help us redirect our focus, learn and grow and become BETTER versions of ourselves. It is a continual process and a part of our natural evolution! Embrace the journey and RELEASE the fear! I am here to support you every step of the way! <3




Signature 6 Month Coaching Program

  • 6 month individualized coaching program – total of 12 sessions
  • 50 minute Bi-weekly sessions
  • Monthly group programs (attendance is optional)
  • 2 Zyto Scans
  • Monthly gifts related to coaching theme topics
  • Email and text support between sessions
  • Dictated letters to referring Physicians if desired
  • Access to a supportive Tribe of women undergoing a similar process of healing and transformation



Serenity Wellness Program


To support women on their fertility journey who are seeking a healthy pregnancy to come to the place of peace and serenity and maximize their chances of a healthy pregnancy using cutting edge, innovative, holistic healing/therapy focusing on the mind, body and spirit and no medication.

This program was originally designed with the women in mind who are currently trying to conceive via Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ie – IUI or IVF); however every woman ready to enter motherhood would benefit from the fundamentals of this program.

This program is designed for those:

  1. Seeking to lose weight to maximize success in achieving a healthy pregnancy
  2. Experiencing nutritional deficiencies
  3. Experiencing Stress, overwhelm or anxiety
  4. Who are pregnant and wanting a methodology to support a healthy pregnancy and delivery
  5. Who may be a candidate for a high risk pregnancy
  6. Who are looking for a personal transformation
  7. Who have a family history of chronic disease or autoimmune disorders
  8. Who feel out of balance
  9. Who have experienced a miscarriage or recurring miscarriage
  10. Who want to explore and integrate a holistic approach to overall health and healing

Areas of Focus:

  1. Spiritual/Emotional Health
  2. Gut Health/Integrity
  3. Cleansing/detoxifying body to prepare for pregnancy
  4. Weight loss
  5. Stress Management
  6. Maintaining a healthy Pregnancy


Heal and Thrive with Reiki

For those of you new to Reiki, it’s kind of like accupuncture, but without the needles 😉

I am trained in the Traditional Usui method of Reiki. There are several offshoots of Reiki, however this is where it all started.

Reiki is a method of energy healing where the energy channels (Meridians, Chakras and the Auric Field) that are present in and around the physical body are cleared, facilitating the removal of energetic debris (negative thoughts, fears, emotions, emotional traumas) and pathogens, making way for positive energy to come in and revitalize the body. Blocked energy is brought to our awareness where it can then be processed, acknowledged and released.
Negative thoughts or feelings that are stuck in our energy body often trigger physical ailments. This is the body’s way of trying to get our attention that healing is needed, however most of us aren’t AWARE there is a connection between our emotional, mental and physical health in this way and we chalk it up to other things.

Reiki Sessions are 60 minutes

Emotional Release – Guided Meditation

This class is available in person or by phone.

90 minute session where I will walk you through a series of guided meditations, affirmations and exercises while you apply essential oils to trigger points to support the release of emotional traumas.

Cost: First session – $195 which includes the oils for your personal use and enjoyment; $125 for subsequent sessions


Digestive Wellness – Heal Thy Gut..the rest will follow!

This program was inspired by my personal journey of healing myself and my children. Before I became a health coach, I didn’t KNOW what inflammation was, or how conditions like asthma, auto immune diseases, acne, anxiety, mucous, fatigue, brain fog, etc were all rooted from an imbalance in our gut. There was a time in college I thought GMOs were great – helping people in third world countries who were starving or going blind from nutritional deficiencies… I was a proud researcher who believed science and technology could come up with a solution for everything….Now  in my “wisened” years I’ve come to discover it’s a balanced approach between the benefits of modern medicine and technology with the complementary assets of holistic healing modalities that is really the best approach to follow. No matter what you have going on in your life, I promise you, giving your GUT some focused TLC will make a PROFOUND impact of the quality of your life. You’ll feel better, sleep better…things just start to fall in to place when you have the right foundation – (that would be your gut health) – to support the rest of the body in it’s daily functions.