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Hi Everyone!

I am so EXCITED to share with you that I am now a Certified Reiki Practitioner! Going in to my first Reiki class I was very nervous – as a Christian I wasn’t sure if this was “OK…” – I really didn’t know what Reiki was about or what spiritual ties it had, and a few days before my first class a friend of mine warned me about it being satanic of sorts and shared that they mark you with symbols…which kind of freaked me out (as images of old Unsolved Mysteries and Law and Order episodes began running through my head 😉 )…but I kept feeling like I was being guided to take the course. So I did. I set aside my fear and doubt and went in, and WOW! My personal experiences in the classes and beyond have blown my mind, and I am even more closely connected to my intuition..it’s awesome. I was always doubting my “gut feelings”…and I have a really smart “gut” so I really didn’t need to be worrying or over analyzing myself all this time 😉 Release the fear and worry… 😉

Reiki Practitioner Certificate

To celebrate my recent graduation, I am offering a Reiki Package Special of Three-60 minute sessions so I can keep my newly developing skills fine-tuned!

The cost for my Graduation Special is $195, AND if you purchase the package by May 31st, I will personally gift you with a Young Living Feelings Kit containing 6 beautiful essential oil blends designed to promote emotional clearance and self-renewal. The idea is to use these particular oils between sessions to help you continue to heal and move through the blocks you are intending to overcome. It retails for around $225, so this is an AMAZING deal! Especially when most Reiki sessions average around $90/hr!

So really, for $195, I’m practically paying YOU to get some healing and pampering 😉

Not local? Not a problem! I have been trained do distance Reiki healing, and if you like we can tweak it to include some guided meditation work with the oils I will send you.

Also – no limit on the number of packages you buy! Keep them all for yourself or share them with loved ones 🙂

So..who is in? Simply fill out this form and I will get back to you! Can’t wait to get started! 🙂


With healing light and love,


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