50 Shades of Green….For Breakfast!


If you asked me a year ago what I thought about juicing vegetables, I probably would have told you I liked apple-carrot-ginger, but that’s about all I could recommend. If you were to take it one step further and asked me about Green Vegetable Juices, I would have stopped you right there and told you… [Read More]

Warning: Highly Addictive Pizza Kale Chip Recipe Inside


You have been warned. These Pizza Kale Chips from Chef Amber Shea Crawley’s Practically Raw are Ah-Maaaay-Zing! I’ve only had my dehydrator for about 3 weeks now, and I’ve made kale chips 6 times. My kids and the neighbors are as obsessed with them as I am; several of my friends on facebook are asking… [Read More]