50 Shades of Green….For Breakfast!

If you asked me a year ago what I thought about juicing vegetables, I probably would have told you I liked apple-carrot-ginger, but that’s about all I could recommend. If you were to take it one step further and asked me about Green Vegetable Juices, I would have stopped you right there and told you I had no interest in drinking something that tasted like lawn clippings. I’d had wheat grass shots before….no thanks!

But here I am, having this for breakfast! ImageHow did that happen? I’ll tell you the short of it.  Last January, I discovered Pintrest. ;-) Hehehe…..Husband was traveling and I found myself losing hours of my life after the kids went to bed scrolling through pins, mentally redesigning every room in the house, discovering new recipes to try, finding motivational quotes, kids crafts and exercise routines…… This lasted for weeks until I cut myself off. We did end up doing a few pinspired projects around the house – who hasn’t! – and they turned out great. One of the pins I came across was a pictorial of a woman who did a 30 day juice cleanse and lost a lot of weight. Cynically I thought to myself, “Of course you did! You are starving yourself!!” About 2 weeks later, I thought about that pin, and spent several hours back on pintrest looking for it…(you know how that goes..). When I had initially discovered the pin, I was waiting for my invitation, so I was unable to save it. I eventually found something similar, read her story, and came across the recommendation to watch “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” So I did. I can’t recall if it was out on DVD yet, but it was free on Hulu. I watched it twice – it was my first time on Hulu and I didn’t know you could pause it. Mommy chaos in the background with the kids made me miss a lot, including the ingredients they called for in their featured “Mean Green,” so I re-watched it. From there, I was inspired to do my own 10 day juice cleanse! I’ll share that story another time, but obviously something great came out of it if a year later I’m about 25lbs lighter, happier, healthier, and launching a new career I am absolutely ecstatic about! So to pay it forward, if you haven’t already, go watch “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!” Who knows, maybe it will launch you into the next chapter of your life! :)

In closing, before I share the recipe for this beauty, I’d like to thank Pintrest, for giving us all an outlet for sharing ideas and inspiring others; for Nourishing our creativity.  You’re also forgiven for requiring so many of our valuable hours for mental creativity engagement. ;-) Secondly, I’d like to thank the woman whose pin I first discovered that led me to “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,” which initiated my transformational journey to a happier, healthier life. It goes to show you never know who you may inspire simply by putting yourself out there. Third, I’d like to thank Joe Cross, featured in “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,” and Phil, for joining in and really bringing the message home. Sharing your journeys have touched millions of lives, and helped inspired me to share mine :) Most importantly, I’d like to thank God, for affording me the opportunity to start this journey, and all the blessings it has culminated in so far. I am truly humbled, and thankful, and will continue to share my passion in health and wellness with you all, as He shares it with me :)

50 Shades of Green Recipe

6 large kale leaves (as in wrist to elbow in length)

4 ribs celery

1 cucumber

1 granny smith apple, seeds removed –they have cyanide

l/2 head broccoli crown (so maybe 2 large fistfuls)

1 lime, peeled

1-2” ginger

Process it all in your juicer. I tend to go in this order: Kale, broccoli, cucumber, ginger, lime, apple, celery.  It helps get most of the produce through to maximize juice extraction.

Note: If broccoli makes you gassy, start with just a few pieces and work your way up.  Also, you’ll want to get that broccoli pulp out of the house, asap. If you put yours in the trash, take the trash out. It will stink up your kitchen like ripe garbage within a few hours. You have been warned!

This recipe makes approximately 32oz.  I like to have 16oz per serving.

Click here for the 50 Shades of Green recipe card! This was the very first one I’ve made, and it took me hours and 2 different software programs to get it done…so treasure it ;-)


1. Try to use the freshest local or organic produce whenever you can – they are more nutrient dense than the conventional produce. If your cucumber or apple are not organic, go ahead and peel them to remove as much pesticide contamination as you can. You’ll lose the benefits of minerals and nutrients found in the skin, but if you are juicing frequently, you’ll need to decide whether you want to put all those toxins into your body if you elect to keep it on. Personal call.

2. Storage: If you are using a centrifuge juicer like a Jack Lelane, it is best to drink your juice immediately. You can actually see it start to turn color over time – it browns. If you are using an auger or twin gear masticating juicer, you can store in airtight containers for up to 72 hours. I generally don’t keep mine longer than 2.5 days. Top your juice with filtered water if it doesn’t quite reach the top. You want to minimize the amount of air in your container to slow down/prevent oxidation. I like to store mine in mason jars!




Comments? Questions? Feedback? I’d love to hear from you! :)

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